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Observer Corps Report: Dakota County's June 22 Post-Session Legislative Event

On June 22 Dakota County hosted a Post-Session Legislative Event at the Community Development Agency office in Eagan. In attendance were all County Commissioners, many state legislators who represent districts within Dakota County, and key Dakota County staff members. Several Observer Corps members attended as well. There was a handout regarding Dakota County's legislative successes during the 2018 legislative session but only one copy was made available to the Observer Corps members in attendance.

Commissioner Gaylord offered introductory remarks which was followed by a discussion led by Commissioner Gerlach. The legislative successes that were highlighted include:

​A more complete summary of Dakota County's 2018 legislative successes and failures is contained within a report prepared for the County by Messerli Kramer.

The discussion included legislators in attendance sharing their insight on the County's strategy in seeking appropriations for Dakota County. Legislators articulated their concerns regarding promoting fair committee time, rich debate, and bipartisan problem solving. However, there was little discussion of the County's legislative failures.

Several state legislators approached members of our Observer Corps. There appeared to be a sincere interest in why we attended, what our observations were, and what our frustrations were.

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