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Water Wise Challenge

News release

April 29, 2024

Dakota County launches water conservation challenge

Summerlong effort aims to reduce water usage

​​​​​Dakota County residents are being challenged to use less water this summer.

The county is issuing cities a friendly competition to urge water conservation this summer when water usage is 2–3 times higher than winter months.

The Water Wise Challenge, which runs from May through August, encourages residents to take measurable actions to reduce water usage at home. Cities with the most participation will be recognized by the Dakota County Board of Commissioners. Water-related giveaways will include rain gauges and toilet leak detection tablets.

More than 90 percent of Dakota County’s water supply comes from groundwater. While groundwater here is plentiful, it is not unlimited. Increasing population growth, continued development and unpredictable climate patterns all impact groundwater resources. After three years of drought, Dakota County water usage has reached an all-time high. In 2022, Dakota County used more than 30 billion gallons of groundwater.

Sign up for the Water Wise Challenge Pledge to make changes both indoors and outdoors and learn simple ways to save water and money at, search water wise challenge.





Mary Beth Schubert, Dakota County Communications Director


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