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Action Alert: Urge a NO vote on SF 2809

LWV Minnesota has distributed an Action Alert asking Minnesotans to urge a NO vote on SF 2809 to keep an effective and ethical Metropolitan Council. SF 2809 is being heard on the House floor for debate tomorrow, May 15. Urge your Representative to vote NO and ask Gov. Dayton to veto it if it reaches his desk!

1. If passed, the Metropolitan Council membership would consist of locally elected county and city officials who owe their fiduciary obligation to the community in which they are elected. The ethical conflicts for officials serving in dual public offices would have a negative consequences to the current and future success of the region -- and to Minnesota.

2. This bill would also eliminate the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB). There remain important questions and valid concerns about the region's transit and transportation finance and delivery systems related to accountability and transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, and equity. The TAB is a well-functioning body that allows for deliberation and input on transportation funding for the metropolitan area by a range of entities and individuals, including locally elected officials.

3. If this bill passes there would be significant and long-term consequences to the metropolitan region, yet there has been limited opportunity for a public process to debate the consequences this bill would bring to our region.

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