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Observer Corps Report - 2/27/2020 Diffley Road School Area Safety Improvements Meeting

Observer Corps reports are submitted by LWV of Dakota County members that volunteer their time to observe and take notes at government meetings of interest to Dakota County residents. While we strive for accuracy, these observations may be incomplete or inaccurate in some respects.

Meeting Summary: The meeting was held from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Eagan Community Center. Prior to the formal presentation, those in attendance had the opportunity to speak informally to Dakota County staff and other officials and were asked to write comments on post-it notes. The format of this portion of the meeting prevented those in attendance from voicing their concerns collectively and it was very loud while those present attempted to converse with each other.

There was a formal presentation led primarily by Chris Chromy, a professional engineer with Bolton & Menk. It was obvious that many of those in attendance had attended prior meetings held in December 2019. Mr. Chromy explained the existing project schedule, which will include construction in 2021. Many in attendance sought solutions to ongoing problems, site-specific improvements, and the ability to discuss potential improvements in detail with all key decision makers. The project timeline was of great concern to many members of the public in attendance.

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