Apple Valley Fills Mayoral Vacancy, Creating City Council Vacancy

Update: At its meeting on January 14, the Apple Valley City Council appointed Councilmember Clint Hooppaw as Mayor for the next two years. That appointment leaves a vacancy on the City Council and applications will be accepted from those wishing to be appointed to fill that vacancy through February 15. The application form is available here. The term of the vacant seat extends through the end of 2022.

Background Information

Apple Valley Mayor Mary Hamann-Roland was elected as a Dakota County Commissioner representing District 7 during the November general election. As a result there was a vacancy in the office of mayor. The current term of that office ends on January 2, 2023.

Minn. Stat. § 412.02, subd. 2a, states that if a vacancy occurs any time other than during the period between the start of a candidate filing period and a regular election, then the vacancy must be filled by an appointment by the city council, and if the term of office that remains is "more than two years" at the time the vacancy occurs, a special election must be held to fill the vacancy. The statute says that if "less than two years remain in the unexpired term, there need not be a special election." The statute does not specify what process should be followed when the unexpired term is exactly two years.
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