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Observer Corps Report - 5/21/2019 Dakota County Board Meeting

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Observer Corps reports are submitted by LWV Dakota County members that volunteer their time to observe and take notes at government meetings of interest to Dakota County residents. While we strive for accuracy, these observations may be incomplete or inaccurate in some respects.

Minutes Meeting Summary: Agenda Item 5 was a report on the 2019 Multi-County Residential Opinion Survey. Due to chatting of attendees it was difficult to hear the interpretation of the results. Topics such as safety, affordable housing, housing needs, confidence in Dakota County government, recycling, and investments in preserved land were reported along with a total of 36 slides.

Agenda item 12 consisted of a presentation by Margaret Stone regarding the Library Fine Forgiveness week held from April 6 to 13.

The meeting was adjourned after a brief report from County Manager Matt Smith.

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