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Observer Corps Report - 1/24/2019 Dakota County Planning Commission Meeting

Observer Corps reports are submitted by LWV Dakota County members that volunteer their time to observe and take notes at government meetings of interest to Dakota County residents. While we strive for accuracy, these observations may be incomplete or inaccurate in some respects.

Meeting Agenda and Materials Meeting Minutes (not available yet)

Additional Meeting Materials Meeting Summary: Item VIII. During discussion of the 2019 Work Program for the Commission questions still remained from a long discussion regarding "what are we here for" and "what do County Commissioners expect from us" which carried over from the November and December 2018 meetings. There were discussions related to bylaws and how to interact with the Physical Development Committee.

Item IX. Presentation related to 2018 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) accomplishments and 2019 Adopted CIP and Carryover Projects.

Item X. Valerie Grover provided an overview of the Dakota County Groundwater Plan process. Dakota County is uniquely reliant on groundwater compared to other counties within the metro area.

Item XI. Upcoming Public Meetings: Vermillion River Greenway Master Plan (Hastings) - open house sometime in March. Time and location TBD.

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